E alu like mai kākou, e nā ‘ōiwi o Hawai‘i
Let Us Work Together, Natives of Hawai‘i

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Our mission is to kōkua Hawaiian Natives who are committed to achieving their potential for themselves, their families and communities.

ALU LIKE, Inc. is fully committed to providing clients with the tools they need to achieve and maintain success. This success can only be accomplished if ALU LIKE, Inc. remains committed to the development and funding of programs that demonstrate high achievement and community collaboration.

Although our methods of delivery must continually change to remain on the cutting edge of service delivery, ALU LIKE, Inc. remains committed to our founders’ mission and vision to make Hawai‘i, our special island home, healthy, safe, productive, and guided by the shared values of all its people.


We envision Hawai‘i, our special island home, as healthy, safe and productive, and guided by the shared values of all its people.

Core Values

We share the following core values as living testament to who we are, why we are here, and how we strive to work together.

PONO Do the right thing
KULEANA Practice Responsibility
MĀLAMA Be Caring
LAULIMA Be Cooperative
HO‘OMAU Be Patient; Persevere
HO‘OKINA Take Initiative, and Forge Ahead


ALU LIKE, Inc. serves in the spirit of its name and motto, “working, striving together, natives of Hawai‘i,” and coordinates its committed efforts with those who share common purposes.

ALU LIKE, Inc. works within those Hawaiian values and beliefs, both traditional and modern, which strengthen and contribute to Hawai‘i for today and tomorrow.

ALU LIKE, Inc. places a high priority on conducting its programs and services in a manner that is professional, efficient and results-oriented.

ALU LIKE, Inc. challenges and supports its staff to develop their professional skills and leadership abilities so they may assume increased responsibility within the organization and beyond their future goals.